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Team Sonic Racing Continues to be Delayed in Order to "Deliver the Top quality Experience to Fans"

Sumo Digital and Sega have announced they may have delayed Team Sonic Racing with the title now slated for a release date of May 21, 2019.

Apparently, Sega is giving the group a little bit more time for them to work on the cooperative-focused racing title. Sega has apologized to the delay but states that quality is really what matters most to get a game just like it. Here’s the total statement from Sega with regards to the pushback (via IGN):

“Team Sonic Racing will be the ultimate combination arcade and fast-paced competitive style racing, featuring your best characters and environments from through the Sonic Universe. To offer the highest quality experience to fans, SEGA has decided to delay the launch on the title.

During this extra time, SEGA and Sumo Digital will keep to hone the title to reinforce the ball player experience to make sure that Team Sonic Racing delivers the best gameplay experience possible.

We recognize that many fans were awaiting a Winter release and apologize for virtually any inconvenience caused. We’re positive that using this type of additional time our teams will ensure delivering an unforgettable experience that fans can engage in for some time. Team Sonic Racing is actually set to be released on May 21, 2019.”

Team Sonic Racing was originally scheduled release a sometime this winter but a concrete release date never was confirmed. The racer will launch on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC later next season.

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