15 Best Current Generation Games on Metacritic (Highest Rated Games)

The listed Metacritic scores are actually calculated through a weighted average system. The reason being, on Metacritic, multiplatform titles aren’t only scored differently to get a given game, they’lso are reviewed using a varying measure of critics. As an example INSIDE is scored 91 (PS4), 93 (Xbox One), 87 (PC), but you can find over 80 critical reviews with the Xbox One version and just 18 for PS4.?Therefore, to get a correct average, now we have factored in what percentage each total represents the total quantity of reviews across all platforms. Those are the best games on Metacritic, using that math.

This list was initially published in November 2017 and features been upgraded.

Forza built its reputation to be a road racing sim, but its open-world Horizon series has arguably be the high watermark of your franchise. The spin-off has quickly earned popularity of its sublime mixture of realism and arcade driving physics, beautiful expansive tracks, and pulse-racing gameplay across numerous different modes. Her enormous garage of cars and customization for car junkies but remains accessible and entertaining enough to your more casual racer. Horizon 4 is still Xbox One’s highest rated exclusive title.

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