Final Fantasy XV's Four Extra DLC Episodes Happen to be Decrease one, Episode Ardyn

Square Enix held a particular broadcast tonight with the second anniversary of Final Fantasy XV, where they announced plans with the game moving forward. Originally, Square Enix decided four new DLC episodes titled “A brand new Dawn.” Unfortunately, it turned out confirmed that athletes four episodes have finally been reduced to merely one, Episode Ardyn. Final Fantsy XV brand director, Akio Ofuji, commented for the development, saying,

“Although this really is regretful, develop everyone will continue to appear forward to Episode Ardyn, that is still being printed in earnest. When it comes to new title currently while in the works at Luminous Productions, you want everyone hold high desires of our upcoming title at the same time.”

While Episode Ardyn development continue, plus the DLC is planned to liberate by March 2019, Episodes Aranea, Lunafreya, and Noctis supply been canceled. Joining this announcement was a letter on the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, who announced his resignation from Square Enix plus the newly-formed Luminous Studios.

Square Enix did show a rapid teaser trailer for Episode Ardyn over the broadcast, showing that the DLC is placed a while before the addition of the Final Fantasy XV, and is that is set in Insomnia having a young King Regis. We all get yourself a look at Ardyn’s ancient brother, Somnus. We still don’t know exact details to the episode, but it definitely seems to be expanding within the world and lore in the main game.

To accompany Episode Ardyn, the latest animated short called?Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn C Prologue was in production, and will function as a comprehensive prologue into the main game.

Producer Yuji Shinoda and director Takefumi Terada ended the stream by thanking fans because of their support several times, explaining that they’re still exploring other mediums to complete telling the planned stories for Final Fantasy XV. Here’s an explanation of Episode Ardyn from Shinoda,

“Episode Ardyn occurs in Insomnia, approximately Three decades before the era of the principle game, where he begins his revenge within the royal family, and the midst of all the this, you will see him get to the truth regarding his own destiny. The episode can be a direct depiction on the story that couldn’t learn in the main game.”

Final Fantasy XV is actually intended for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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