5 Games of October 2018, As outlined by Metacritic

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Best Games of October 2018, According to Metacritic

5) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Average Metacritic Score: 86

The Assassin’s Creed series went an alternative direction during the last couple of years. After taking a break following Syndicate, the series has returned like a more expansive, RPG style experience. Loot, upgrades, and leveling joined the gorgeous open world and lore filled storytelling in Origins, but it was all taken up to another level with Odyssey.

Odyssey’s arena of Ancient Greece is more detailed than other while in the series, as well as the story it tells is one of compelling since the Ezio trilogy. The gameplay is actually a refined form of everything we saw in Origins, together with the combat feeling more fluid its keep being more opportunities for climbing.

It is your character’s story that’s the highlight, though. Alexios is incredible, but Kassandra is definitely the star. She’s funny, witty, powerful, and very well acted. While using great setting in the role of backdrop, it’s a thrilling time exploring and having into trouble as Kassandra.

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