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Battlefield V’s Battle Royale, Co-Op Modes Won’t be for sale at Launch

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V will launch without key modes.

Despite modest delay from October to November, Battlefield V won’t launch with it’s much hyped battle royale mode. Nor ultimately launch with it’s co-op experience. Instead, at launch, players get eight multiplayer maps, 30 primary weapons, and 24 vehicles. There will also be ample customization sources of weapons and avatars. A ninth multiplayer map arrives a couple weeks after launch included in the first chapter of Tides of War.

Chapter 1: Overture runs early December through January and adds the?Panzerstorm map. Transpiring in Belgium, the map focuses heavily on tank combat. Players also get the final War Story, The previous Tiger, in this particular update. Other content includes the Practice Range, vehicle customization, and weekly events and rewards.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes runs January 2019 through March 2019 and lastly adds in Combined Arms. This co-op experience means that you can form mafias with up to three friends to defend myself against challenges. Lightning Strike brings back classic modes Rush and Squad Conquest.

It isn’t till Chapter 3: Trial By Fire that this battle royale mode finally hits Battlefield V. Beginning in March, this chapter finally adds the anticipated mode towards game, nearly four months after launch. A new multiplayer map mounted in Greece also launches with this chapter.

Battlefield V is out November 20 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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