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Level-5 to Resume Develop Cancelled Project Ushiro

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Level-5, the developers behind Professor Layton, Yo-Kai Watch want to bring back to a once-assumed cancelled project called Ushiro, after nearly many years on the project being place on ice. Originally canned back 2010 and created to release on Sony’s first foray into handheld gaming, through PSP, Ushiro is often a horror RPG focused around a character known as Reiichiro Ushiro. To be a shinigami spirit, Reiichiro would grant players the chance to control and have people which, when it comes to gameplay, manifests like a series of turn-based battles wherein you come up against the personifications in the evil in people’s hearts.

Level-5’s president?Akihiro Hino confirmed the project would resume production, though stated that any planned release remains faraway. Ushiro is actually planned to come to Nintendo Switch and often will serve as a contrast towards the studio’s usual visual model of bright, warm and vibrant worlds, instead focusing in on the project’s intended horror tone and narrative. You will observe how the game was originally teased once it heats up was shown off along at the 2008 Tokyo Games Show during the trailer below.

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