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Funko Releasing New Mega Man and Overwatch Products

Some neat new Funko items are just revealed today. Both Mega Man and Overwatch are getting products for fans to show within their collection or themselves bodies! The pop culture collectible business is always planning to stay on the surface of everything and that’s what they are doing with your releases.

Up first are Mega Man figures. The classic title has become some love recently on account of the relieve Mega Man 11. Fans should be able to enhance their Blue Bomber collections basic. Different versions take the way in which like default blue outfit, Leaf Shield, Atomic Fire (a Chase variant) and Thunder Beam. Each and every one is included with interchangeable hand pieces. There is a Dr. Wily figure! They are all set to produce this December.

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Now, there is also a newcomer by using Ashe from Overwatch! She made her debut during BlizzCon and already has some merch in the process. Two shirts are listed for on GameStop for November 5. You’re black with gold designs depicting her Deadlock Rebels symbol. The opposite is black while using image of Ashe in Funko form. Finally, a Pop! of Ashe is placed to secrete November 15. If they are exclusives for GameStop has not announced.

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Update: Besides the items above, you will find a few other accessories to feature. An Ashe keychain features charms of her face, B.O.B. and her firearm. A little clip-on coin purse has Ashe’s name. A couple bags, one backpack along with the other a messenger style, feature the Deadlock symbol. It appears everything Ashe-related can be acquired now at BlizzCon. Explore the Funko website for additional information.

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